Upcoming Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

Upcoming Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

While we might still be shivering by the radiators during this cold winter, now is the perfect time to be looking ahead to warmer weather and the new fashion trends it’ll bring.

Yes, Spring might seem a long way off yet, but the shops are stocking their new fashion lines already and to stay ahead of the fashion game you need to know what’s on trend this year, and how to wear it well.

We’re back in the 80’s for another season, at least

Back in our Autumn fashion blog, we predicted that eighties fashion would be making an appearance, and this looks set to continue for a while yet. We’re seeing pastel colours, stonewash jeans with frayed hems and boxy suit jackets continue to make an impact.

To wear this look well, we suggest picking key eighties style items, like a shirt or jacket, and mix them up with loose trousers for a great effect.

Vertical Stripes are a fashion statement this Spring

Suits are heading back into stripe territory next season, with primary colours taking the background to a variety of vertical stripes. Variety in terms of width that is. From pinstripe to thick statement stripes, you’ll find that eye-catching suits are going to be everywhere this year.

The great thing about vertical stripes is that add a slimming effect to your suit, so they’re flattering for men of all shapes and sizes.

Everything White and Millennial Pink

We’re continuing the eighties theme with white suits, shirts, and… well, everything really!

White from head to toe is certainly a bold look and one that you might not feel comfortable pulling off (and it’s rather risky considering our lovely British weather!). Try having a darker jacket or blazer to add an extra dimension to the overall effect.

Pink is one of those marmite colours of men’s fashion. You either love it or hate it. One thing is for sure, and that is there’s no sign of it leaving the fashion industry anytime soon. Millennial pink is that warm, rose shade that works well as a shirt under a neutral coloured suit, or in the form of accessories to lighten the overall tone of your appearance.

We’re getting Technical with Jackets this year

By technical we mean those ‘useful’ jackets like anoraks and windbreakers.

That doesn’t mean you have to trek down to your local mountaineering shop and invest in an expensive all-weather ensemble, but let’s face it, a waterproof jacket isn’t a bad thing to be wearing in the UK!

A technical bomber jacket is a great option for a durable and functional piece that looks the part too.

Inverted layering is a new and daring fashion look for Spring 2018

We’ve looked at layering before and highlighted how it’s a great way to look good while transitioning from work to play. This year, it’s getting shaken up through the process of ‘inversion’.

Sounds scary, right?

Traditionally, the longest layer would be the topmost – think jackets and coats. Now, we’re seeing the longest layer elsewhere in the ensemble, typically shirts and t-shirts are extra-long and jackets short.

It’s an interesting concept so try mixing up your layers this year!

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