The Gentleman’s Guide to Dressing for Business Travel

Travelling for business.

The vision always seems so much better than the reality, right?

New countries, new people – it’s a great way of doing business, for sure, but back to back meetings often means little time for the fun stuff.

And the travel itself can be a real pain in the neck.

Overheated trains, planes or even worse – air-con on full! It can be a real nightmare knowing what to wear to be comfortable and arrive looking and feeling great.

Here’s some useful nuggets of advice on dressing for business travel

Decide what you’re going to travel in

A crumpled suit and sweat-stained shirt never makes a good impression when you’re getting collected at the airport.

So, it can be tempting to leave the suit in the suitcase and travel casually dressed.

That’s one sure way of getting a creased suit full of folds and wrinkles a travel iron is going to struggle to cope with!

Wear a lightweight cotton shirt with slim chinos or dark jeans to travel, but do wear your suit jacket. This keeps you feeling cool, comfortable and keeps that suit looking great for the meetings ahead.

Plan your business wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a good idea when travelling for business. Having classic and versatile items enables you to quickly pull together outfits for any occasion that might crop up during your stay.

Neutral colours are the key here – grey, white, black and navy are wise choices.

You’ll want trousers that are comfortable – chinos work well with a suit jacket or a t-shirt. Consider the weather and choose your trousers accordingly, think wool or flannel for cold temperatures, and linen-cotton blend for warmer climates.

At least one shirt is essential for those crucial negotiations but keep it lightweight and breathable. Synthetic fibres don’t breathe well so you want a lightweight cotton to keep you comfortable. A few plain t-shirts for your downtime is a sensible and easy to pack choice.

Consider your footwear carefully. You might have to slip them off at the airport and suitcases leave limited room for more than one pair. Loafers are a sensible option that are comfortable and can be easily dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

Casual wear shouldn’t be forgotten. You’ll want to be able to layer when those warm days turn into cool nights so make sure you pack a comfortable cardigan, wool jumper and some polo necks for that casual smart comfort.

Make sure you take the right luggage

A sturdy travel bag with plenty of room is essential whether it’s a short-haul domestic trip or you’re going transatlantic.

Look for a bag with wheels that’s lightweight and easy to carry but durable – leather and aluminium are good choices.

Make sure you’ve checked our guide to packing your shirts for travel before you pack!

Got any extra tips for dressing well for travel? Leave them below!

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