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Sky & Pink Plaid Check Luxury Linen Men's Bespoke Shirt

Sky & Pink Plaid Check Luxury Linen Men's Bespoke Shirt

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Something new - a Plaid Check in Linen by popular demand. 



A new variation here at W H Taylor's. Our Plaid checks are as popular as ever, and while many consider Linen a Summer shirting material, we know otherwise. Linen is a fantastic temperature regulator, keeping you cool when needed and insulating otherwise! 


Create this shirt just to your liking by selecting your preferences from the options available; our master tailors will then hand finish your shirt by our exacting standards to your unique preferences. 

  • Yarn - 60(L)'s x 60(L)'s
  • Weight : 130gms/
  • Quality: White & Yarn Dyed Linen


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      Please remember that we aren’t a mass manufacturer of shirts. While this brings you many benefits, including the widest variety of luxury and bespoke shirts, we can’t dispatch things overnight.

      We strive to have our bespoke shirts made within 3-5 weeks of order placement, depending on demand, which can vary.