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Blue Bengal Stripe Poplin Men's Bespoke Shirt

Blue Bengal Stripe Poplin Men's Bespoke Shirt

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The famous Bengal Stripe harks back to the early days of the nineteenth century. This wonderfully distinctive stripe was the "Civilian Shirt" worn by the English Officers of the Bengal Lancers, one of the most famous regiments in the Indian Army of those days. Some say it was chosen because of its likeness to the markings of the magnificent Bengal Tiger.

Despite its humble beginnings, the Bengal Stripe has rocketed in popularity over the decades and has become a staple in shirt-wearing. 

Created in our poplin fabric, offering durability, comfort, and top-class style. Tailored to your specific requirements using the above selections, this shirt is a must-have. 


  • Weight: 105gms/
  • Yarn: 2/100's x 2/100's
  • Quality: White, Dyed & Yarn Dyed Poplin


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