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Lemon Blue Pencil Striped Poplin Bespoke Shirt

Lemon Blue Pencil Striped Poplin Bespoke Shirt

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We’re big fans of lemon as a shirt colour here at W H Taylor Shirtmakers, and to make things even better, we’ve added a classic blue pencil stripe to this variation. It’s a shirt that emphasises confidence and style wherever you wear it.

From our range of bespoke cotton poplin shirts, this lemon and blue pencil stripe is another classic design you’ll find taking pride in your collection.

With your preferences regarding collar, cuff and sleeve style available as hand-tailored customisations, we think you’ll come to appreciate this shirt as much as we do.

Weight: 105gms/

Yarn: 2/100's x 2/100's

Quality: Blue, Yarn Dyed Poplin

SKU:6116/60/59 S

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