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Blue Tetris Check Jacquard Ladies Bespoke Shirt

Blue Tetris Check Jacquard Ladies Bespoke Shirt

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If you are looking for a blue shirt but enjoy something out of the ordinary, something with a little character, then this Blue Tetris Check jacquard shirt will surely be a winner for you.

A glorious bright, yet subtle blue in this wonderful Jacquard material of a 'Tetris' like check. A twist on the Shepherd check, it is created by using a Jacquard loom which creates fabric of intricate design by layering the weave in opposing ways. This is what creates the pattern as opposed to being printed onto the fabric like many other patterned cloth.  

You can have this shirt created exactly as you prefer, hand tailored to your design with the collar and cuff style of your choice, along with many other custom options. Just choose by selecting from the drop down menus above. 

  • Yarn - 70(C)'s x 70(C)'s
  • Weight: gms/
  • Quality: Yarn Dyed Fabrics

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