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White Butcher Stripe Poplin Men's Bespoke Shirt

White Butcher Stripe Poplin Men's Bespoke Shirt

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W.H.Taylor shirtmakers have taken the plain white poplin and made it a little more interesting. This fashion end of the stripe blends a superb contrast of white on white. Wear it as a dress shirt for business or open necked for after work socialising.

  • Weight: 105gms/
  • Yarn: 2/100's x 2/100's
  • Quality: White, Dyed & Yarn Dyed Poplin


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Please remember that we aren’t a mass manufacturer of shirts. While this brings you many benefits, including the widest variety of luxury and bespoke shirts, we can’t dispatch things overnight.

We strive to have our bespoke shirts made within 3-5 weeks of order placement, depending on demand, which can vary.