The essential guide to layering your look this autumn

The essential guide to layering your look this autumn

Thanks to our notorious British weather, layering is something most of us are adept with at this time of year. Knowing that it can be a gloriously sunny and warm day when we arrive at work, and cold and wet by the time we leave – layers are the only answer to remain comfortable throughout the day.


Forget adding a jumper to your outfit! Layering is a tactical skill, perhaps even an art, in combining clothes so each layer works independently as an outfit.


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It’s really quite simple. Let’s take an example – you’re wearing jeans, a shirt and a jacket. If you remove the jacket, does the outfit look complete? If the answer is yes – you’re already successfully layering your look!

Ok, so let’s start from the basics. That means working on the base layer first. You’ll want a lightweight item here – a thin cotton or oxford shirt, for example. You need a material that can breathe, so cotton or a cotton blend is essential. Anything else will become too hot and leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Let’s move on to the middle layer, and what you’re probably going to be wearing for most of the day. Denim jackets on a crisp white shirt is a cool look this autumn, although the classic pullover is also making a return and we feel is great for that smart casual office look. Again, you’re wanting to opt for a natural fabric such as wool to prevent getting too hot – it’s all about breathability.


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Your final layer is your outdoor clothing – coats, hats and scarves. You want this to be the thickest layer to keep on top of those cold temperatures. A good wool blend coat or even a leather jacket can work well with your chosen style.

It’s worth having a brief foray into the world of colours and patterns when it comes to layering. This autumn bold and bright colours and prints are all the range, and, well… they don’t always work so well when it comes to creating layers.

One of the best ways of keeping on trend without clashing colours is to get a little technical with a colour wheel – you’ll find these all over the internet with a quick search. Colours that are opposite each other contrast well, so if you’re wanting to incorporate those bright reds and oranges this autumn opting for blues and violets is a good choice. Colours that sit next to each other on the wheel are similar shades that naturally work together well.

Wearing patterns can be a good way of adding a little excitement to a layered outfit, but avoid jarring patterns and choose just one. Though repeating patterns can be just as bad – shirts and a tie with stripes isn’t the best combination.

Layering your clothes isn’t hard, but it can make all the difference to your comfort and style this autumn. So, heed our advice and be sure to check out our cotton shirts before you go.

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