Why pink is proving to be a popular choice in menswear

Why pink is proving to be a popular choice in menswear

Pink shirts, hoodies and ties have been around for a while now. A few years ago, it was commonly associated with the word “metrosexual”, meaning a man in touch with his feminine side. Today, it’s safe to say that pink is a popular colour for all men, regardless of their sexuality and gender. So, how has pink become a wardrobe staple for so many?

Pink was a common colour for boys until the 20th century

You might have been brought up thinking that blue is for boys and pink is for girls, but this is a very modern invention. For centuries, toddlers were usually dressed in white but, perhaps surprisingly, when colours were used for boys it was quite often pink.

Pink is just a diluted version of red, you see. Red being a strong and powerful masculine colour, associated with Mars (named after the God of War) and quite the opposite to how we perceive pink today where we’re much more likely to think of flowers, dolls and skipping ropes!

Wearing pink well is all about matching your skin tone

So, you want to wear pink regardless of the meaning that may lay behind the colour, what’s the best way of pulling it off?

Well, as with most colours, it’s vital to match it with your skin tone to avoid you looking too washed out, or even red faced. If you’re of a light and cool skin tone, it’s better to stick to warmer shades of pink like salmon. If you have a naturally warm skin tone, opt for paler shades of pink.

Unfortunately, if you are very pale and light-skinned, pink can be a struggle to wear well but a great option in this case is to team it up with another colour, like our sky blue and pink shadow stripe Oxford shirt

The best ways to wear pink

You don’t have to choose pink as your main outfit colour. There are other options for introducing the colour in a more subtle and relaxed way. Wearing pink as an accessory is a great choice, think hats, ties and pocket squares to introduce a fun flash of colour.

The Oxford shirt is the perfect choice for a smart casual look, team up a pale pink with a pair of indigo jeans for a great colour combination. Another great contrast is a strong dusty pink worn with grey slacks.

Another popular choice is pink trainers. Thanks to the streetwear trend they’ve been around for a few years now and are now available in a range of styles from pumps to classic style trainers and converse.

The classic shirt and suit combo was almost made for pink shirts, the colour just contrasts so well against a black of navy suit. Whether you opt for a bright and bold shade of pink or you opt for subtle stripes instead, you can check out our range of pink shirts here at W H Taylor Shirtmakers.

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