What Should Men Wear To a Summer Wedding

Summer is wedding season, and despite the weather reaching record temperatures, a suit and shirt is still the appropriate attire for men. Many men might choose to wear their regular shirt and suit, not realising that there are other options within this dress code. As a guest, many people wonder - what should men wear to a summer wedding?

A lightweight suit and a pure cotton shirt is best for keeping cool in the summer. The suit can be made up of a variety of styles, depending on what is in fashion, and the personal taste and style of the individual. Choosing a well fitted shirt that isn't too tight will provide comfort, and if it is natural fibres then it will keep the body cool. It is recommended that you get a cotton shirt made to measure to ensure that it provides a good and comfortable fit.

Grey and navy suits are good for weddings, however for a summer wedding and especially an outdoor wedding you can get away with a light beige, or even a pastel coloured suit. This season has seen some wonderful mid blue tone suits in the shops such as petrol blue and even cornflower blue, both of which make wonderful wedding guest suits.

As a summer wedding guest the design you choose for your shirt can be anything, with shades from plain white, to candy coloured pinstripes, the choice is yours depending on your style. As with any wedding guest attire however, do not overshadow the wedding party or wear anything that will draw all the attention to you and your outfit. Overall, wear something light, cool and that suits your personal style.
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Great article, I am one of those men who sticks with the same uniform, but I feel with a well cut suit and good shirt you can’t go wrong.

John J

I just bought my husband and our two sons shirts for my sister’s wedding, from you. This is an interesting article, men have less choice which can actually make it more difficult for them knowing what to wear for such occasions. Anyway, I went with pale blue for the boys with navy suits, and my husband wanted white. Always very pleased with the shirts from WH Taylor Shirtmakers, thanks.


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