Simply the best accessories to go with a business suit

Personal style in the corporate world can be a little tricky to achieve.

A suit is a suit, right?

Sure, there’s different colours and you can wear a daring shirt or pair of shoes. But creating an individual style that is appropriately ‘you’ takes a little more effort.

That’s why we’ve selected 5 of the best accessories for business suits that can help you get creative whilst remaining corporate

A good tie says a lot about you as a businessman

To be frank - a suit looks incomplete without a tie.

It’s there to accentuate the look you’re going for and a silk necktie works well in most occasions.

Although you’re wanting to inject some character, it is a good idea to avoid loud prints, cartoon characters and anything with more than three colours.

We think that a solid or woven tie looks fantastic with a striped suit. Whereas a solid colour looks great with a striped or patterned tie.

You can discover fun and interesting necktie knots over on our blog here.

If you want more of a dapper look for your suit – pocket squares are the way to go

Usually worn with dress suits, there’s no reason why you can’t add character to your corporate wear with a pocket square.

You can often find ties and pocket squares in a matching set which works well for a coordinated effect.

Though you can choose contrasting colours if you prefer.

Try matching a highlight colour from your tie, or choosing a neutral shade for a bright or patterned necktie.

The perfect pocket square size for your suit jacket is 10 by 10 inches.

Cufflinks have been a staple suit accessory for generations

There are literally thousands of different cufflinks that you can choose from. Though their use can be limited in that they can only be worn with French cuffs.

Novelty cufflinks are a popular choice and can be a great conversation starter – but do make sure it’s for the right reasons!

We suggest a conservative pair of cufflinks for a big meeting or negotiation.

A watch can be far more than purely functional

We happen to think it’s a great fashion accessory for any occasion.

When it comes to accessorising a suit, we feel a dress watch is the best choice. Stainless steel with a classic numerical face always looks good (and can still have multiple functions to meet your needs).

Though it can be tempting to wear a sports watch, they simply don’t add the elegance and sophistication you’re looking for when wearing a suit.

Last, but never least – the tie clip.

Functional, fashionable and the perfect choice for completing your look.

Not only will it keep your tie neat and wrinkle-free, it’ll bring all your accessories together into a polished and characterful look.

You don’t need to be boring here though.

There are numerous colour choices to be made here – ideally, it should match your belt buckle, watch and pen.

We hope that’s given you some inspiration for when you’re next dressing for the office. You can check out our range of accessories here.

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