The overlooked clothing item of the corporate world – socks

The overlooked clothing item of the corporate world – socks

Socks. Probably the least thought about fashion item and dependable Christmas present, but are we becoming complacent with our wardrobe staple?

Rather than being a bland essential to stay warm and comfortable, socks can add and detract from a sharp-suited ensemble. There’s a fine line between socks being a complimentary touch of colour to a dark suit or a bright and brash contradiction.

Choosing the right pair of socks to wear with your suit does need some consideration, but luckily for you, there are some basic guidelines to help you along.

Socks are one place you can clash

But it needs a careful approach.

You want a colour that’s picked out from the rest of your ensemble or has similar undertones. That means a bright pink can work well with a pale pink shirt, for example; but a lime green would probably come across as obnoxious.

Textured socks are a great way to add some fun

If you want to add some flair to your outfit, then wearing textured socks can be a great way to achieve that. Ribbed socks are a fantastic way to add some visual interest without compromising your overall style, but avoid wearing with pinstripes, or a patterned shirt.

Leave the gimmicky socks for Christmas

Those Gryffindor guitar wielding socks might look great in the store, but during a sales negotiation are more likely to distract than rise to the occasion.

There’s nothing wrong with patterns or motifs but keep them simple and appropriate. Avoid replicating patterns that are already in your shirt or suit.

Take care with how much sock you show

They come in different lengths for a reason - it’s because they’re designed to be worn pulled up. Too much ankle is never a good look and rolling, slouching and ‘trainer socks’ aren’t appropriate when worn with a suit, so save that for casual occasions.

Ideally, you want your trousers to skim the top of your shoes while standing up.

Time for the obvious one – keep your socks in good shape

You might think there’ll never be a time where you need to remove your shoes at work, but is that always the case? Home calls, meetings with foreign investors, and various religious buildings may call for you to go shoeless, and it could be more than embarrassing if there are holes, tears or they’re a little threadbare.

Socks also protect your shoes by wicking away the sweat you accumulate over the day, so look after them!

A final word on finding the right blend

Whether you go for wool, cashmere or silk, it’s important that you consider the blend carefully.

Wool is good for wicking away moisture and work well in hot or cold weather. Cotton is the most common fabric for socks which make them great for everyday wear, but when you really want to make the right impression, cashmere and silk are the luxury dress blend that commands respect.

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