Shirt Collars To Suit Face And Neck Shapes

Dressing in styles that suit body shape has become second nature to most people nowadays, with much information about the best shirts to wear for different body types. However, not everyone knows how to choose a shirt with a collar that suits them. This is because there is more to choosing a shirt than just thinking about the shape of your body. How a shirt will suit you best, is if you choose a shirt collar to suit your face shape. Choosing the correct shirt collar for your face shape can really make a difference to your appearance, and so read on to see what tips we can give you for making the most of your shirt.


Shirt Collars for Round Faces

For those who have a round face, choose a shirt collar that will lengthen the face. The best shirt collar style for a round face is probably a point collar, or when choosing a spread collar be sure to choose one that has a narrow spread - a wide spread will accentuate a wide face. The same principle can be applied to a wide or square face in order to soften the jaw and draw the eye downward.


Shirt Collars for Long Faces

The trick is to try and balance out the face with the shirt collar, so a long face should avoid wearing collars which have long points pointing down. The best collar style for a longer face is one that will help the face to look wider, such as a spread collar with wide spread points. This will also work for heart shape faces that have a long pointed chin.


Shirt Collars for a Long Neck

As with face shapes, shirt collars for long necks can help to balance out an extreme feature. Choose the wrong shirt and collar style and a long neck could end up looking even longer. Those with a long neck might like to try wearing a shirt with a collar style which is quite deep, as this will give a more balanced illusion of a normal sized neck.


Shirt Collars for a Short Neck

Just as a deep collar can give the impression of a shorter neck, a shallower collar can lengthen a short neck visually. Think about it in terms of proportion, you don't want too much or too little of the neck on show - the aim is to create an illusion of balance.

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