How to Wear White Jeans the Right Way

How to Wear White Jeans the Right Way

White jeans are one of those fashion hits that can quickly become a fashion fail when worn the wrong way. Set to be seen on the high street this autumn and winter in what’s being nicknamed the “winter white look”, now’s a great time to give this trend a try.

If white denim has never appeared on your fashion radar before, you might be wondering how on earth to make this trend work for you. Well, as always, we’ve got you covered with our guide on white jeans and how to wear them with flair this winter.

Classic winter white with a chunky sweater and coat

This is fashion for cold weather so wrapping up warm has to be a priority. A cosy winter jumper in a charcoal, grey or neutral blue looks great with white jeans, but do you know what makes it even better? A statement coat to finish the look. By statement coat, we mean something bold, bright and can make an impact at a glance.

Avoid pastel colours that can make you look washed out during winter; warm neutrals are what you should be aiming for with this look.

White jeans work oh so well with chunky boots

We’re talking those combat style boots that work exceedingly well as part of a layered look which is just perfect for the colder winter months. Sand coloured boots work best with white jeans to add a dash of colour without clashing too loudly. Tie it together with a sand or camel coloured winter jacket over a cashmere jumper and you’re good to go!

Slim-fit and straight leg jeans are what you’re wanting to wear with this look. Avoid anything too loose when opting for a layered look.

All white is all right too when it comes to denim

It’s the shades that matter here though. Did you know there are around 1000 shades of white to choose from? Going all in with the winter white trend is a bold move, so carefully selecting each item as a different shade of white is the way to go here and not being afraid to layer up with a shirt over a t-shirt with a jacket or coat along with those all-important white jeans.

To add some fun to an all-white look, try adding textures and cosy chunky knits for some visual interest and added warmth.

Try double denim for a fun look

Ok, double denim has a very 80s vibe that might not work for everyone but giving it the winter white edge is a new way to twist the trend to great effect. White jeans with a denim shirt under a sports jacket is a casual smart look that’s fun and perfect for Christmas shopping or spending a day at the football stadium.

If you feel those white jeans are just too bright, opt for an off-white shade instead, like eggshell or cream. Shades can vary in terms of colour warmth so take the time in store to try potential combinations together to get the look exactly how you want it.

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