How To Measure a Shirt For a Perfect Fit

A shirt that fits your body shape and size properly can make or break your look. You may
have spent a small fortune on your outfit, including your shirt, but if it does not fit in the right way, you will end up looking shoddy. If you have a shirt that fits you well, you can easily measure this in order to pass on the measurements to a shirt maker. This is a good alternative to measuring your body from scratch. These tips are also useful when buying a shirt off the peg. Here, we discuss how to measure a shirt for a perfect fit.

How to measure the shoulder width

Otherwise known as the yoke width, you can measure the shirt shoulder width by taking a buttoned up shirt, flat on the floor, and measure on the back, the point from where the yoke meets the sleeve, straight over to the same point on the other side.

How to measure the sleeve length

In order to measure the shirt sleeve length, take the unbuttoned shirt, and measure from the middle of the collar back (underneath the collar band), along the yoke, and down the sleeve to the end of the cuff.

How to measure the collar around

The collar measurement is really important. Take the unbuttoned shirt, and flatten it out around the collar. Measure from the button,  right to the end of the button hole. You should then round this up to the nearest quarter inch, which will give you your collar around measurement.

How to measure a shirt length

The length of the shirt is determined by laying the shirt flat and measuring from the top of the back collar, straight down the middle of the back to the bottom hem.

The most popular measurements in insuring you are buying a good fitting shirt are the collar around, the sleeve length, the yoke width and the shirt length. However, other bespoke shirt measurements include chest width, mid section width, sleeve width and cuff around. Once a shirt maker has your measurements, you can order a shirt in any style or fabric, and know it will fit you perfectly. By providing your measurements to us at WH Taylor Shirtmakers, we can make you a shirt that is made to measure, ensuring the perfect fitting shirt every time. We will also hold your shirt measurements for your future orders for made to measure shirts.

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