The Gentleman’s Guide to Wearing Check Shirts

Although the trend for all things check seems to circulate every few years, it’s a staple item for many of us. Versatile enough to dress up, or dress down, a check shirt is definitely a ‘must have’ item, but there are a few aspects to consider before buying your latest wardrobe addition.


What style are you going for with your check shirt?


From smart casual in the office, to weekend lumberjack, some careful consideration needs to happen when planning your outfit.  It might seem tricky to know what can be achieved with a check shirt, so here’s some points to consider.

Thickness matters come rain or shine

Indoors or outdoors? Summer or winter? A thin cotton shirt is ideal for warmer temperatures, or when working in the office. If you’re wearing your check shirt as a jacket in autumn or winter, you’ll be wanting to opt for a thicker cotton with a t-shirt underneath.

Choose the colour carefully

Like with anything you wear, you need to match the colour of your check shirt with your skin tone to achieve great results.

If you’re on the pale side with dark hair, you want to be opting for a dark grey or blue base colour with light contrast colours like lilac or white. Make sure you avoid tan and yellow!

Those with dark skin and dark hair can get away with those bright shades of yellow, red, purple and teal but should avoid pale shades of green for best effect.

If you’re the opposite with light skin and light hair, it’d be wise to choose varying shades of the same colour – pale blue, light grey, and dusty rose work well. Avoid anything too bold like black, orange or yellow.


Check comes in a variety of styles


gingham checkFrom gingham (left image) to plaid and windowpane – yeah, there’s a name for those different check designs based on the size of square and contrasting colours. Whilst the names don’t matter, the design you opt for does.

Smaller squares work well in a more formal setting where you need to look smart – in the office, or on a date, for example. Whereas the larger squares are much more casual and can be worn when you’re wanting to achieve that relaxed and comfortable effect.

Sleeve length is always a consideration when it comes to your desired look

Just like the design of a check shirt can emphasise smart or casual, so can the length of the sleeves. A longer sleeve works better under a jacker for a smarter look, but when that isn’t practical a short sleeve can work well teamed with a tie.

It’s all in the accessories

It’s what you wear with your check shirt that really makes the difference. From double shirting with a plain t-shirt underneath, to wearing with jeans or chinos. Sticking to the same base colour is important to ensure a smooth style that compliments your overall look.

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