Men's Shirt Trends For Winter 2015/16

Men's Shirt Trends For Winter 2015/16

The big colour of the moment for men's shirts is said to be Burgundy. Winter collections showcased warm
Burgundy Shirt
rich shades for menswear, charming dark tones of wines and purples, all perfect for bringing a bit of comfort to your Winter wardrobe. Browns were another colour to feature heavily on menswear catwalks for this season starting, with models and designers shaking off the fuddy-duddy reputation of the boring brown and making it appear modern and stylish. A shirt in burgundy or brown is an excellent addition to your Autumn Winter wardrobe.

One trend from the 1990's to make an appearance, which is perfect for the cold days, is the roll neck top. A thin roll neck worn under a shirt not only provides extra warmth, but it is also a new way to wear a shirt, one which we are likely to see more of. The roll neck has not only been seen worn under a shirt, but worn alone with a blazer, or under a sweater. And, speaking of nineties revivals, the checked shirt has made a massive comeback amongst young men this past year, and this is another trend that will carry on through Winter. These tartan style shirts can come in a range of fabrics, but most are in a warm brushed cotton flannel which really helps to keep the chill at bay.

A great way of updating any shirt or outfit in Winter is to accessorise it with a scarf. Each year the scarf seems to become more popular, with more and more choices becoming available. Because it is something that can transform the look of a boring old shirt and blazer outfit, it is a good idea to have several in various colours or patterns, giving you instant freshness when your look needs a bit of something extra.
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