5 Types of Shirt Collars

There are various types of shirt collars which are common for men to wear. Whether you buy something off the peg, or have a bespoke shirt handmade for you, you can usually choose the type of collar you prefer. While a modern collar now tends to be shorter and wider spread than it used to be, the beauty of getting a shirt made for you is that you can choose what collar is going to work for you. Here are the most common types of shirt collar you need to know.

Spread Collar

A spread collar can be worn with a tie, and looks good for a number of occasions, be it business, formal or casual.  The word Spread refers to the space between the collar points, and the size of the spread can vary from collar to collar depending on the style of the shirt overall.

Classic Collar


A Classic shirt collar is extremely common, and is a traditional collar shape. A tie works very well with a Classic Collar, and it can wear a large knot well. Almost any style of neck tie will work on a shirt with a Classic Collar shape.


Button-down Collar

A button-down collar is self-explanatory in the sense that it buttons down, attaching the points directly to the shirt. Because this type of shirt collar is more casual in style, it can be worn with or without a tie, and look good. A shirt with a button-down collar can be worn for a formal occasion, for business, or as a casual option.




Cutaway Collar

Similar to a Spread Collar, a Cutaway Collar has a space between the two points, but they point outward instead of down. The Cutaway Collar is an excellent choice to wear with a full or half Windsor tie knot, however it is equally suitable to be worn without a tie.

Semi-cutaway Collar

The Semi-cutaway collar is a hybrid of a Classic collar and a standard Cutaway collar. Common in business shirts, this is a good option to wear with a neck-tie, and it looks smart yet can look contemporary too.

The beauty or ordering your shirts bespoke is that you can choose exactly the type of collar you want on your shirt. WH Taylor Shirtmakers make shirts with a variety of collar styles that will suit any of your needs - so whether you are looking for a handmade shirt or a bespoke shirt maker in England, we are here to help.


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