How to Wear A Shirt This Autumn

Now that the weather has turned colder, moving toward the end of the year, a long sleeved shirt is the perfect men's wardrobe staple for both smart and casual wear. Obviously in the world of work, and any formal occasions, a long sleeved shirt is worn most commonly with a suit, however there are other more casual ways it can be worn, while still looking smart and classy at the same time.

A longsleeved shirt under a pullover or sweater is the ultimate smart casual look, and a great one for the colder months as it lends itself to layering up and keeping warm. Choosing a higher cotton count for your shirt will ensure extra warmth too. Both a V neck sweater and a crew neck sweater look good having a shirt collar underneath, so it is down to whichever you personally prefer. Wearing sweaters are great as they come in a full range of colours, and patterns, and you can match your shirt to your outfit accordingly.

Choosing a shirt in a warm colour palette will make sure you are on trend for autumn, so think rich greens, browns and reds - these can be worn in a checked pattern which is always a good smart casual choice. By
Red Check Shirt
wearing a sweater over the top of your shirt, you could opt for a plain sweater, and then try and be a bit more daring with the shirt, perhaps in a colour or pattern that is more bold that you usually wear. This is a perfect opportunity as only the collar and cuffs would show.

Wearing a long sleeved shirt with a casual blazer, perhaps in tweed, is another excellent smart casual look for autumn. Another great look is the shirt, sweater and blazer, and this provides great warmth for being out and about in the colder months too.
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