How Should A Shirt Fit

As a main garment that covers half the body, it is vital that all the components of a shirt fit in the correct way so that the overall look is one that is smart, refined, and shows your body off in it's best light (see size guide). An ill-fitting shirt will make you look unprofessional at work and untidy when dressing up, in fact most men wear a shirt that is at least one size too large for them. Today, there are a wide range of shirt styles and fits, but as a general rule there are certain aspects that should be consistent in a good fitting shirt.

The shirt collar should obviously fit 'just right'. When buttoned up, you should be able to stick a finger down between your neck and the collar of your shirt. If the collar on your shirt is too tight then you will be able to tell as you will need to force the finger down the fabric, and if the collar is too big then it will be loose enough for you to stick your finger in without even moving the fabric.

The shoulder seam should sit on the edge of the shoulder where it meets the arm, and the arm hole should be comfortable and not pull or twist the shoulder seam in any way. The shirt should button comfortably down the front with no gaping and when tucked into trousers the shirt should not billow out or seem to have too much fabric to tuck in. When pulled away from the body, the body of the shirt should not come out more than about 3 inches. Sleeves should come to where to your palm meets your wrist, about 1 inch from your wrist bone, and this means that the arm length is the correct fit on your shirt.
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