Choosing a Fabric for Your Bespoke Shirt

When going to the effort of having your shirt tailor-made to your unique specifications, the type of fabric used should never come as an afterthought. A good shirt maker will have a range of top quality cloths for you to choose from, and will also have the expertise to guide you and help you find the best fabric for your garment. The fabric plays a part in how the shirt will lie under a suit, or how it will match a certain jacket and tie. Here at W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers we have the knowledge and skills in helping you choose the fabric for your bespoke shirt.

The choice of fabrics that are stocked in our workroom are from UK manufacturers, who are amongst the very few production companies left in England who make this type of fine material. They maintain a very high production standards, and work closely with mills in the North of England for their raw materials. This attention to detail in the finest British cloth filters down to us as shirtmakers, resulting in an truly authentic and top quality shirt.

We have a range of tasteful fabrics in our catalogue for clients to choose from. There are various things that factor into your decision when choosing a fabric for a bespoke shirt, be it from us, or another shirtmaker. Firstly, you have to think about where you are going to wear it, and what you plan to wear it with. These things are vital to ensuring you get it made in the correct weight of cloth, but also choose an appropriate shade or pattern for the ocassion and outfit. Another thing to consider is cost, fabrics will vary in price and so take you budget into consideration too. All in all, the type of fabric you choose for your bespoke shirt is another factor in you having a unique garment, and so give it careful thought but also enjoy it.

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