3 Looks To Get You Through Christmas

No matter how many items of clothing you own, there’s always a situation where you just can’t find anything to wear, and especially at Christmas, it can be tricky trying to find the perfect look to suit the many occasions that arise at this time of year. So, to make sure that you’re fully prepared for the party season ahead, here are three great looks to help you make it through Christmas in style.

1.  The Christmas Party

Perhaps the trickiest look to conquer, trying to find the right balance for a Christmas Party can seem intimidating at first, but if you stick to a few basic rules, you really can’t go wrong. Monochrome is a great way to make any outfit look fancy, so go for a grey blazer paired with black leather dress shoes and black skinny jeans to give things a bugundy shirtcasual twist. If you’re feeling particularly festive, then a burgundy bespoke shirt with classic collar and smart black tie (if you’re going tie-less, opt for a spread collar for something a bit different) will help to brighten things up and make your outfit look extra special.

2.  Last Minute Shopping Trip 

Whether you’ve forgotten to get your in-laws a present, or you’ve just run out of cranberry sauce, no one wants to leave their nice warm house to brave the busy streets at this time of year. So if you really must nip out to the shops, then it pays to have a stylish, yet cosy outfit in mind to help get the job done.  A heavy brushed cotton shirt will help to keep you warm in the winter, and can be worn with beige chinos and a chunky knit jumper to finish the look.

3.  Relaxed Christmas Day

checked shirtGet your Christmas jumpers out; Christmas day is all about comfort and having fun with the people you love! So throw on your most embarrassing Christmas jumper and enjoy looking silly for a few hours, before changing to a more refined night-time look. Brown leather loafers sharpen up any outfit, and can be worn with a pair of comfortable jeans, a checked shirt and a cardigan or blazer, depending on the occasion.

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