3 Hacks for Looking Sharp as a Shorter Gentleman

3 Hacks for Looking Sharp as a Shorter Gentleman

Trying to find clothes that fit well can be something of a hassle when you’re on the short side.

And by short we mean anyone that doesn’t quite reach the clothing industry standard of 5’ 8” and struggles with making things fit right.

We understand how tricky it can be here at W H Taylor Shirtmakers which is why we offer a full range of customisations on our shirts to ensure a perfect fit every time. But, you’re not going to find that kind of service everywhere, which is why we’re sharing our 3 favourite hacks for staying sharp and looking good as a shorter gentleman.

  1. Keep everything on the small side

Those oversized prints are never going to look good when you’re short. Why? Proportion.

Keeping everything in proportion is vital if you want to look sharp and that means paying attention to every little detail, things like:

  • Choosing micro-sized prints and designs rather than big chunky patterns
  • Opting for narrow collars, lapels and belts
  • Wearing a slim watch rather than something big and chunky that’ll just look out of place

But, we need to consider the items as a whole when it comes to proportion too.

It might seem logical to take up the hem of a shirt a few inches to make it the right length, but this will only throw everything else off balance. The pockets will sit too low, sleeves will be too long and rather than looking stylish you’ll just look stumpy.

  1. Keep things a slim fit where you can

You want a sleek and streamlined silhouette when you’re a shorter gentleman, and that means opting for slim fit clothes rather than big and baggy. We’re not talking about tight and skinny fit here, those are difficult styles to pull off and don’t work well for every occasion.

What we are talking about is avoiding excess fabric and length.

If you can pull your shirt or top more than 2 inches away from your body – it’s too loose. You want some comfortable breathing room that still sits right on your body, and that means paying attention to the armholes too. Watch out for armholes that lie too low or are very large in comparison to your actual frame, these will only add more emphasis to your shorter stature.

  1. Pay attention to the vertical line

When you want to appear taller than you are, or simply draw attention away from your actual height, paying attention to the vertical line is the key to success. The vertical line is your complete outfit from top to bottom which should appear to be as seamless and unbroken as possible.

This means avoiding anything horizontal that creates the effect of cutting your look in half, things like:

  • horizontal stripes
  • big chunky belts – try braces instead
  • contrasting colours -keep things low-key and similar where possible
  • wide trousers that make the bottom half appear bigger than the top

It’s often about illusion when trying to look sharp and savvy as a shorter man, but by following our hacks, you’re going to be drawing attention to your ensemble for the right reasons.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

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