What Are The Benefits Of Having A Shirt Handmade To Order?

Those who are serious about dressing smart and looking sharp often have their clothing made to measure - especially their suits and shirts. The advantages of bespoke shirts are numerous and the results of buying and wearing bespoke clothing are second to none.

At WH Taylor, all shirts are handmade and are finished by hand to a very high standard. We make the finest shirts to order, enabling you to choose the fabric, collar style, and any other design features that will make your shirt unique to you. We use fabrics that are made in England, and we work closely with these manufacturers to ensure the best quality materials for our luxury shirtmaking.

Shirt Model
Having a shirt made to order will offer you the very best fit for style and comfort, and give you the options for adding elegant touches. Numerous upper body measurements are taken at the start to ensure that your shirt really is a perfect fit for you. The results will be the perfect shirt, be it worn for business or pleasure.

The way we make our shirts with single-needle stitching provides a delicate yet strong seam, giving the ultimate luxury finish. The pattern in the fabrics are perfectly matched for a seamless join and professional finish. We will keep records that will make future ordering an easy process, and you will know each time your order a shirt from us that you are getting the best shirt for you.

Bespoke shirts speak volumes about the kind of lifestyle a man or woman lives. They are elegant and exclusive and it is unlikely you will turn up to an event or a meeting and find someone is wearing the exact same one.

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