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Social media has long been the place to keep up with the latest trends as well as find inspiration for new ones. By following like-minded individuals and companies, you can get style tips and ideas that don't require you to go out of your comfort zone in order to freshen up your look. By following social media accounts that promote menswear, you can keep up with shirt trends, both smart and casual.

Many men, and women, make a comfortable living from being a style influencer on social media accounts such as instagram and Twitter. Until a few years ago, Instagram accounts that focused on menswear were purely seen as a hobby, with men doing it for fun in their spare time, while still working in a day-job. However, as popularity grew, brands and companies began seeing the opportunity for exposure and this was when taking social media accounts seriously in the world of menswear began. Just like any other advertising arrangement, free products and financial incentive are given in exchange for promotion and exposure, in this case clothing that is modelled and worn, photographed, and documented.

It is far more common for fashion lovers to find their inspiration and style ideas, as well as find out about new brands, on social media, as opposed to print magazines as was once the case. Companies need to think outside the box and move with the times when it comes to getting their menswear products in front of their target audience. WH Taylor Shirtmakers have social media accounts which we welcome followers and interaction on, find the links to these on our social media page.
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