Where To Buy Handmade Shirts at Discount

Most people are aware of the benefits of having a bespoke handmade shirt - made to measure shirts give a great fit, with stitching and finishing to a high standard. While bespoke shirts are actually made and sold at an affordable price at WH Taylor Shirtmakers, some people may still want to purchase these fine shirts at a discounted price. This is a great way of having extra shirts in the wardrobe, for work, formal or casual, and they also make unique gifts, offering something a little different.

We now have an Ebay Outlet selling discount handmade, made to measure and/or hand finished shirts, most at way less than half the initial retail price. The items being sold in our shirt outlet range from samples, unworn returns, end of line designs, and other shirts that we have available. All shirts are in brand new condition, and so it is a great way to grab a luxury hand finished shirt at a bargain price.

All of our shirts are constructed using a single needle sewing machine in order to produce a fine but strong finish. This method of sewing also ensures that all of our fabric designs are matched exactly at the seams, and where fabric meets. Another plus about our shirts is the two piece split yoke, used to create the perfect joint across the shoulders for your comfort. A horizontal bottom button is also featured to allow you free movement across your hips.

WH Taylor shirts come in various fabric weights, colours and designs, and so you are sure to find something for you in our range. We make women's shirts as well as men's shirts, made to measure, suitable for both the workplace and casual dress. We have many repeat customers who come back to us again and again, simply because they know their shirts that we make for them will fit them exactly how they like it.

If you are looking for a fine quality hand-finished shirt at a discounted price, then check out our Ebay discount shirt outlet, where you will find the very best shirts at reduced prices. As many of them have one-off alterations, you might hit it lucky and find something ideal, or you may not, but it is certainly worth checking what we list there on a regular basis as it is a great opportunity to get some of our top class shirts at a discount.
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