Different Types of Cufflinks

Different Types of Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an excellent addition to a man's wardrobe as they not only provide an ornamental touch to a shirt, but they are also functional too. There are various different types of cufflinks available, both vintage cufflinks and modern cufflinks, and here are some of the most common mechanical styles you will find;

Whale Back Cufflinks
Whale back cufflinks have a whale tail shaped part that flips up against the main post of the cufflink so you can push it through the shirt hole.

Stud Cufflinks
Stud Cufflinks are like a stud, but with a backing, unlike a hinged cufflink. Sometimes instead of the backing they have a smaller flat stud at the end of the post.

Bullet Back Cufflinks
Bullet Back Cufflinks look and work in a similar way to whale tail cufflinks, however the cufflink post is hollow, and cylinder that rests inside flips out to hold the link in place.

Chain Link Cufflink
Chain Link Cufflinks are joined by a very small chain, and the two heads are usually identical designs.

Knot Cufflinks
Knot Cufflinks work in the same way as chain link ones do chain link, with a short cord connecting the two heads.

Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks
Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks are a contemporary and secure style of cufflink. They have a hinge mechanism with a secure closure.

Cufflinks make an excellent gift and can be found in a variety of price bands, and WH Taylor Shirtmakers stock an extensive range of both modern and classic designs.

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