Buying a Shirt for a Valentine

On first thought, buying a shirt for your beloved on Valentine's Day may not be the most romantic gift, however, think again. A made to measure shirt is something special, and very personal, as well as something that is practical that can be used and kept for years to come. Chocolates and flowers tend to be seen as female gifts, and it can often be difficult to come up with something special for a male Valentine gift, but - did you know you could buy a made to measure hand finished shirt for the similar price of a decent bunch of red roses?

A made to measure shirt is something that will require your man's measurements, ensuring that it fits perfectly and looks it's very best. This in itself is something personal, that shows thought, and something that will show him you know him intimately. It is something that is worn next to the skin all day long, or on special occasions, and is actually very important to most men when it comes to having a really good shirt fit and style. A good shirt is the man's equivalent to a woman's under garments - a great shirt is the foundations of an outfit, if the shirt is right then a man will carry himself in a whole new way and it can transform an outfit, setting the tone for the overall impression others get.

At WH Shirtmakers you can choose from a wide range of cuff and collar styles, fabrics and fabric designs - again, making it an extra personal Valentine gift. It is quite uncommon to give a shirt on Valentine's day, and so while this is something different, it is something that will surely be well received and appreciated.
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