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Blue Brown and Pink Striped Poplin Men's Bespoke Shirt

Blue Brown and Pink Striped Poplin Men's Bespoke Shirt

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We love blue, brown and pink as a colour combination, so what could be better than creating a multi-stripe shirt with those fun and warm colours?

Whether you wear it to the office, boardroom or a social occasion, this shirt will surely cheer up your outfit and bring smiles to your face.  

Our Lightweight Poplin is the perfect material for everyday shirt wearing, fantastically crisp yet cool and comfortable. A striped shirt works great with a contrast collar and cuff; you can choose this, plus many more bespoke options from the drop-down menus above. Each shirt is then hand-finished by our master tailors, creating individual and unique shirts every time. 


  • Weight: 105gms/
  • Yarn: 2/100's x 2/100's
  • Quality: Yarn Dyed Poplin


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