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Black Lined Twill Cotton Ladies Bespoke Shirt

Black Lined Twill Cotton Ladies Bespoke Shirt

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Our black lined twill shirt is ideal for those looking for something unusual.  Perfect for both casual and workwear, depending on your needs.

Twill cotton is an English fabric weaved to create diagonal lines, slightly heavier than our regular cotton poplin, this shirt is great for those cooler months and would make a fantastic addition to your autumn/winter wardrobe.

As with our entire range of hand-tailored shirts, you have a range of optional extras and customisations to choose from to make this shirt unique. Just choose your preferences using the menus above.

  • Yarn - 2/80's x 2/80's
  • Weight: 130gms/
  • Quality: White, Dyed & Yarn Dyed Fabric.


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