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What is the Best Job Interview Shirt?

A job interview is not solely about dressing well, obviously the interviewers want to know about what you have to offer and how suitable you are for the job.
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Why Ladies Shirts are best Made-to-Measure

Any woman will tell you just how difficult it can be to get clothes that fit perfectly. Ladies shirts are no different, and this is why getting a shirt made to measure is often much better that ordering off the peg. Women naturally all have different combinations of measurements when...

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Popular Fabrics For Shirt Making

There are a range of different fabrics used in shirt making today, however there are a few that are used the most, and that is because with them tried and tested over the years, they have proved to be fabrics that work perfectly for shirts.
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Losing Weight For The New Year

The new year is seen as a transition from leaving the old, to embracing the new, and a good clear out along with some goal setting can be just what is needed to get that fresh start feeling.
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What is a Double Cuff Shirt?

Men's shirts come with a wide variety of cuff styles, and it can sometimes be a little confusing to know the differences between them all. So, what exactly is a double cuff shirt?
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About Us

WH Taylor Shirtmakers.  

W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers (current trading name of Coles Distribution Limited) a British company was first established in 2006 to distribute Coles handmade luxury shirt products on behalf of Coles Shirtmakers Limited and later Glenaden Shirts Limited of Londonderry, Northern Ireland. However, when the owners of the famous brand Coles ceased trading in 2008, WHT decided to continue with the legacy of developing a business for luxury and quality handmade shirts.

W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers ethics is to provide finest handmade shirts to the highest standards in the true traditional sense, which has been lost by many purported shirt makers over the years to cope with the mass markets and profiteering requiring mass production facilities to drive down costs. Each of our shirts are individually made by hand from scratch and hence there is reasonable assumption that a vast majority of the shirts we sell become arguably unique. This has many benefits to you as the customer as it gives you the widest variety of shirt styles available and a high quality semi-bespoke shirt which will be unique to you at a reasonable price, which is why we chose to uphold these qualities.