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How to Wear A Shirt This Autumn

Now that the weather has turned colder, moving toward the end of the year, a long sleeved shirt is the perfect men's wardrobe staple for both smart and casual wear.
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How To Wear A Black Shirt

A good black shirt is a great look for either smart or casual occasions, however many men shy away from wearing a black shirt as they are unsure of how to wear it.
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Should I Tuck My Shirt In?

Should I tuck my shirt in? is a question that men often ask. As shirts have become more tailored and fashions more casual, it is often acceptable to wear an untucked shirt.
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Shirt Collar types

The cutaway is the widest of the spread type collars, having a very wide 'cutaway' gap at the front, and is perfect for wearing wide knot ties with.
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The Benefits of Wearing a 100% Cotton Shirt

As you will be able to see on our website, the majority of shirts we make at W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers are made in 100% cotton fabric.
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About Us

WH Taylor Shirtmakers.  

W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers (current trading name of Coles Distribution Limited) a British company was first established in 2006 to distribute Coles handmade luxury shirt products on behalf of Coles Shirtmakers Limited and later Glenaden Shirts Limited of Londonderry, Northern Ireland. However, when the owners of the famous brand Coles ceased trading in 2008, WHT decided to continue with the legacy of developing a business for luxury and quality handmade shirts.

W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers ethics is to provide finest handmade shirts to the highest standards in the true traditional sense, which has been lost by many purported shirt makers over the years to cope with the mass markets and profiteering requiring mass production facilities to drive down costs. Each of our shirts are individually made by hand from scratch and hence there is reasonable assumption that a vast majority of the shirts we sell become arguably unique. This has many benefits to you as the customer as it gives you the widest variety of shirt styles available and a high quality semi-bespoke shirt which will be unique to you at a reasonable price, which is why we chose to uphold these qualities.