How to Measure Yourself for a W.H Taylor Shirt

Front shirt measurement
Shirt measurement back
Sleeve length
  1. Collar
  2. Chest
  3. Waist
  4. Hip
  5. Sleeve Length
  6. Sleeve Width/Bicep (Optional)
  7. Cuff Width
  8. Yoke
  9. Back length
  10. Arm Opening (optional)

When measuring yourself for a bespoke shirt, it is essential to keep your body relaxed but straight so that the measurements are correct. Getting somebody to help with this process is a good idea as some of them can be tricky to take alone. Always round up to the nearest inch when taking measurements. 


Place a tape measure around the middle of your neck, just below the Adam's apple or thereabouts. Allow enough room for the tips of a finger on either side to be inserted comfortably between the tape measure and the neck, or add half an inch to the size of your neck. 


Take the tape measure around the widest part of your chest, usually just below your armpits. 


It is essential not to use your trouser size for this measurement. Take the tape and measure around the slimmest part of your waist. 


Sometimes referred to as the 'seat', this measurement is of the broadest part of the shirt and is taken from placing the measuring tape around one-third down from the top of the buttocks or 'seat'. 

                                                Sleeve length                                               


To measure sleeve length for the perfect fit, take a tape measure from the centre of your neck, across the top of the shoulder and down the outside of your arm, as shown in the image above. You can do this in three stages and add them together for the most precise measurement. Measure to the point you want your sleeve to end; this is generally around one centimetre past the wrist bone. Remember to keep your arm straight down by your side to get the correct measurement. If the measurement falls between two sizes, allow for the longer.

Sleeve Width/Bicep

Hold your arm up at a 45-degree angle as though you will flex your bicep. Your muscle needs to remain relaxed while the measurement is taken. Take tape around the widest part of your bicep on both arms. Sometimes, they are slightly differentiated, so use the largest for your shirt measurement. 

Cuff Width

Take the tape measure around your wrist bone. We add 2 inches to this measurement to get the perfect circumference for your shirt cuff. 

Yoke/Shoulder Width

Place the tape measure on the outside edge of the left shoulder and run the tape across the base of the neck, below the prominent bone, to the outer edge of the right shoulder. This is your Yoke width. 

Back Length

This measurement determines the length of your shirt. Place the tape at the centre of your back at the nape of your neck. Allow the tape to drop and take the measurement from a third down the buttocks or the 'seat'. 

Arm Opening 

Stand with your arm outstretched in a straight line forward facing. Place the measuring tape firmly at the front centre of your shoulder; wrap the tape under and around your armpit so that it meets again at the centre middle. This is your arm opening measurement. 

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