What to wear with a black shirt

What to wear with a black shirt

A black shirt is such an iconic and versatile item that you probably have several hanging in your wardrobe, but here’s a question for you. Do you tend to throw your shirt on over a t-shirt and jeans, or do you know how to mix and match it with other items to create several great looking outfits?

We’re going to share with you our best tips and ideas for making the most out of your black shirt so you’ll never be stuck for inspiration again. Ready?

Black shirt with a suit

A lot of men avoid wearing a black shirt with a suit, but it’s a look that can be easily achieved. The trick is that it needs to be a black suit, with a black tie to match. A great tip for getting this black suit and shit combo to work well for you is to focus on shades. Having two different shades of black will add a touch of interest and definition to the look.

Now the best piece of advice we can give you with this combination is to ensure that everything fits exactly as it should. Wearing all one colour can have a very slimming effect, but if things are a little too baggy it’ll have the opposite effect with everything blending into one.

Go for the biker style with your black shirt

If you want a slightly more edgier look, wearing your black shirt with a leather jacket is a great option. It’s a softer alternative look that lends itself well to the warmer months when it can be teamed up with jeans and chunky boots.

Opting for a looser shirt fit here will work better than something on the tight side, comfort is what you’re aiming for with this smart casual look.

Black shirt with grey trousers and slacks

This is a classic combination that works just as well as the black shirt and jeans combo you’ve probably worn more often than not. Grey trousers work well with virtually anything, the neutral shade just compliments other colours so well. You’re not limited to plain trousers here either, checks and pinstripes can work equally well.

When it comes to wearing grey trousers with your black shirt, it all comes down to the fit again, in this particular case, ensuring both items are the same fit. Baggy trousers with a slim fit shirt really aren’t going to work well together.

How to layer your black shirt for best results

As we are rapidly heading towards the cold winter weather now, layering your outfit is going to be one of the best ways to stay warm while looking great. There are a couple of tips for getting this right when wearing a black shirt.

Have a simple white t-shirt as the base layer. Crew neck t-shirts work best for this, but it’s the monochrome aspect that’s important here. .

Sweater vests are the better option when it comes to jumpers. Patterns like Argyle work well to add some visual interest without contrasting too much with the rest of your ensemble.

Photo by Rafiz Fera from Pexels

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