Valentine’s Day – a date to dress sharply for!

Valentine’s Day – a date to dress sharply for!

Whether you’re going for an expensive meal, or you’re planning on popping the question, you want to be looking your best for Valentine’s Day.

But knowing what to wear can be quite a challenge.

That means planning your date in advance is essential, no last-minute petrol shop flowers and frantic ringing round the local restaurants!

Knowing where you’re going for Valentine’s Day enables you to plan your attire in advance

Dressing for the occasion is crucial here.

You don’t want to be suited and booted for a trip to the cinema or dressed down for a three-course dinner at the local restaurant. And if you are planning on proposing, those photos won’t be disappearing in a hurry.

Remember that some fine dining establishments do have a dress code, so be aware of what it is before you’re turned away at the door and disappoint your date!

Cinema date – you might think it doesn’t matter what you wear in the dark, but your date will want you both looking your best in the queue! Smart casual is the key here – dark jeans with a smart shirt is a great combination.

Out for drinks – when it’s a new relationship and you’re trying to keep things low key then heading out for drinks and snacks is probably what you have in mind. A dress code may be in place so check in plenty of time but generally, jeans, a simple t-shirt and blazer will have you covered.

The dinner date – or a Valentine’s Ball requires you to be suitably suited and booted. You can leave your tuxedo behind and opt for a formal shirt, suit and tie instead.

The outdoors date – adventure golf more her cup of tea? Jeans and a polo neck make for a great casual look but teamed up with a statement blazer, or leather jacket will really give that polished edge.

Your grooming needs to be on point to keep things sweet on this romantic day to remember

Yes, women do notice the small details and want to make all the other ladies in the room jealous with the gentleman on her arm, so keeping on top of your personal grooming is important.

A recent visit to the barbershop for a trim and shave is a good idea, and the effort will not go unnoticed. Teamed with the right aftershave (the one she gave you for Christmas is always a sure bet), a smart watch and cufflinks and there isn’t much room for error.

Just remember, your date isn’t going to enjoy herself if you’re not. So, dress your best but when you’re on your date, relax, smile and have fun!

Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

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