The Most Popular Menswear Colours For Spring and Summer 2019

The Most Popular Menswear Colours For Spring and Summer 2019

We always look to the fashion weeks at Milan, New York and Paris to glimpse at the upcoming colour trends, and if there was one word to sum up this spring and summer’s theme, it’s bright. With a healthy dose of sunshine, earthy colours and bold shades, this year looks set to be dazzling!

If you think tropical resort style, you can’t go too far wrong this year, but as always, we will highlight the colours that you’ll see on the high street in the weeks and months ahead.

Cotton candy colours

candy striped shirtSweet lilac and peacock pink are some sumptuously delightful colours that look fantastic as shirts to add a splash of colour to your office ensemble. These colours are fun, fabulous and sure to be a talking point if you wear them.

Fresh looking green

Green is always a popular colour and this summer it’s taking something of a fresh appearance with peppery green, moss and sage shades being seen in numerous fashion collections. These earthy greens are perfect for complimenting the bolder colours like red, orange and yellow that you’ll also see this season.

Neon greens are set to stick around for a while and are still very popular this year, particularly among sportswear and gym collections.

Majestic blue

The actual Pantone shade is called Princess blue which might sound a little too feminine but is a rich and bright shade of blue that is a fiercely confident colour. Don’t worry though, the ever popular eclipse shade of blue, a dark almost black navy is still available this year along with softer cobalt and watery blue.

Racing red

Strong shades of red will be seen everywhere this upcoming season. A slightly more muted jester red was also seen on the catwalks, but red was the dominating colour through many of the fashion weeks.

The colour of sunshine

We’re talking bright oranges and yellows here, the shades that instantly make you feel that the summer is just around the corner and it’s time to dust down those shorts and tropical shirts. In fact, the orange shades seemed to have something of a fruit based theme with turmeric and mango being popular on the catwalks.

Shades of toffee and granite

When it comes to neutrals brown seldom gets a look in amongst cream and navy, but this year is an exception. With both toffee and granite shades making a strong statement with various designers using them in their shows. These shades provide the strong base needed for some of the brighter colours and work exceedingly well with the golden yellows and sweet candy colours.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

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