The Advantages of Buying Bespoke Shirts

As a long time bespoke shirt maker, at WH Taylor Shirt Makers we know a thing or two about what makes a great bespoke shirt. We make each garment to the highest of standards, and hand finish everything so it meets the quality one would expect. Here we discuss what the advantages of buying bespoke shirts from WH Taylor Shirt Makers are;


Our shirts have fine stitching

To achieve elegant looking seams, all our shirts are constructed using fine stitching,
which not only gives a fine looking finish, but provides a strong one too. All our shirts are made using fine stitching, which is more costly and time-consuming than other methods, but absolutely worth it, as you will see from our high-quality shirts. We even use this single-needle stitching on our 'ready to wear' shirts.


We match fabric designs perfectly

We perfectly match all fabric patterns wherever the seams meet, and this is a sign of a high-quality made shirt. The majority of our shirts are made from two fold 100% cotton poplin, which has a durable yet smooth finish, and is a medium fabric weight. It provides an excellent sharp look for business, as well as a comfortable shirt for casual and everyday wear.


We use pearl buttons

At WH Taylor, we always use real pearl button on our shirts. ‘Mother of Pearl’ plastic
replica buttons are often used by cheaper competitors to us, but we prefer to use the real thing.  Our buttons are also sewn on using a secure Lockstitch, which is extra strong and secure, making it unlikely you will lose one, however spares are always included in the shirt tail.


Have your shirt made to measure

Very few people have all the same measurements, and that is why when you get a Bespoke shirt made, you can get your sleeves the exact length that you require, as well as the shirt length, collar size, and anything else you need. We make the Yoke at the back of the shirt with 2-pieces which gives a better fit, and we construct using a two-piece collar, rounded cuffs, and other high-quality features. A well fitting shirt alone will look more expensive and better quality than an ill-fitting one. See Products >>
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