Suit wearing rules you really should follow

Suit wearing rules you really should follow

There’s wearing a suit as a garment for work or events, and then there’s really wearing a suit as a stylish wardrobe item that can define you as an individual and speak volumes about your personality.

How you wear your suit is crucial for making the right impression whether that’s for a business meeting or a promising dinner date. The good news is that there’s some tried and tested rules already in place that’ll make it easier for you to be both stylish and successful.

Leave your last jacket button undone

A two buttoned jacket was never designed to be worn with both buttons done up, the bottom button is actually for effect rather than to be used. Not doing it up makes for a more sleek and stylish silhouette, but it also makes it easier for you to move around unrestricted.

If it’s a three button jacket, you can use either the middle button alone, or just the top two. Regardless of how many buttons there are, unfasten them all before sitting down.

Co-ordinate your belt with your shoes

Colour matching your leather is essential for a stylish look that compliments your suit rather than drawing attention with an all too obvious clash. It’s simple really, just make sure your belt is the same colour as your shoes.

Don’t hide your cuffs

Your sleeve cuffs are supposed to be on display, along with those cufflinks, so make sure the sleeves on your suit aren’t too long. There should be half an inch of cuff visible beneath the sleeve at all times, but when you arm is by your side, the sleeve should finish at your wrist and not extend to your hand.

While we’re on the subject of your arms, your suit should hug your shoulders closely creating a sleek line.

Keep the accessories simple

Wearing a suit provides minimal opportunity for your personality to shine through, but too many accessories can be overpowering and ruin the impression you’re trying to create. It’s better to let your suit, and how you wear it, do the talking so keep to a pair of simple cufflinks, a tie and a pocket square.

Oh and don’t wear a sports watch with a suit. The two different styles clash and can stand out like a sore thumb, opt for a classic and elegant wristwatch instead and save the fitness tech for when you’re actually playing sport.

Avoid those tell-tale sweat marks

Work, and dating, can be stressful and there’s nothing worse than those obvious sweat stains coming through your shirt and suit jacket. There’s an easy fix though. Wear something that’ll absorb the sweat under the shirt so nothing can seep through. Just make sure that garment can’t be seen and you’re good to go!

Some rules of fashion are made to be broken but for wearing a suit, staying with the tried and tested boundaries is definitely the right way to go when style and finesse is what you’re looking for.

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KMPC Men May 22, 2023

Impeccably dressed men swear by these few rules to always stand out in the crowd
1)Do wear color- injecting some colour in your ensemble will make you look more stylish and trendy. However the highlight colour should complement and overpower rest of the ensemble. A great way to do this by using a silk pocket square from Vesilio.

2)Do unbutton the jacket when you sit down – This will make your posture more flattering 3) Fitting matters Do wear a jacket that fits hence its important that you invest a tailor made suit that fits you perfectly. At KMPC MEN we insure that each garment is made especially for our client and ensure a great fit
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