The impact of social media on menswear

The impact of social media on menswear

It seems that the days of popping along to M&S for your corporate wear are long gone, as bespoke shirt makers and luxury menswear retailers are increasingly rising to first place on the ‘where to buy’ list.


Social media.

Thanks to vbloggers and male fashion influencers using Snapchat and Instagram to share their latest finds and opinions, the world of menswear has had a reawakening. No longer does it play second fiddle to ladies fashion, but is rapidly becoming a growing interest for consumers like you and I.

Digital media has encouraged the socialisation of men’s fashion

It’s not just the YouTube personalities that are encouraging this trend, but successful entrepreneurs are leading the way for business dress too. Marc Zuckerberg has established a trend for wearing the same clothing to work every day as it frees the mind for important decisions, for example.

While some influencers are heralding a shift away from dressing to impress others in order to be successful in what you do, it’s social media that’s leading the shift towards a new way to shop. It’s never been easier for you to identify a shirt, suit or other item on Instagram, or Pinterest, and be able to click through to an instant checkout.

Male fashion magazines have moved over for social media platforms apps

Magazines like GQ and Esquire have a defined target audience that didn’t work for the majority of men, but that’s no longer an issue where social media has quickly and effortlessly filled the gap. The variety available from a quick Pinterest search or glance through Facebook means that the male fashion market is expanding.

Growth is mainly in the casual wear sector, but when you consider the shift away from formal business wear in the office, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s the sense of urgency that’s created by social media that has helped the rise of casual wear. When you consider that formal wear often needs a lengthy tailoring process, you can see why many men have decided to leave that behind.

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So, what’s the future for menswear?

Well, there’s no sign of this trend slowing down, and a growing industry can only be a good thing for you and I. With continued investment and influencer marketing popular on social media, we’ll see more choice and even same-day office delivery for our coffee break purchases.

It’s certainly going to be easier to keep on top of trends and fashion changes by following social media accounts for instant news and updates. To find out our latest news make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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