Should I Get a Slim Fit Dress Shirt?

Slim fit shirts are increasingly popular these days, and this has many people asking - should I get a slim fit dress shirt? Dress shirts are normally a little looser fitting, however this is not to everyone's taste, and even after tucking it in it can start to feel too baggy as you move around and it comes a little undone. This is where a slim fit dress shirt can really make a difference. And, you needn't be a skinny type of build in order to wear a slim fitting dress shirt, it just means the the shirt is more fitted to the body.

It is essential however that when buying a slim fit shirt, you get one that fits your body shape properly - we are all different shapes and sizes after all. The mid-section should have around 5 inches of spare shirt fabric in total, this is just enough for the shirt to fit well, but not be baggy. When trying a shirt on to make sure it fits around the mid-section properly, you should sit down too as this will affect the shape of your body and how much spare fabric there is.

As with the mid-section, you should check around the chest area, which again should have about 5 inches of spare fabric. While trying on the shirt, you should reach your arms forward and stretch the shoulders a bit to ensure that you can comfortably move. This moving around will tell you also if the armhole, shoulder width and sleeve width are suitable too. A shirt that's sleeves are too tight will feel unwearable, and one where the sleeves are too baggy will look sloppy. The shoulder-width of the shirt is not likely to change depending on the type of fit you choose for a shirt. A slim fit shirt tends to be the same shoulder-width measurement as a baggier fitting shirt, however it will be cut slightly different and you will notice it to be more fitted. It is therefore important to ensure the shirt is comfortable to wear across the shoulders.

A slim fit dress shirt made to measure will be comfortable, and look sleek under any jacket. There will be no bunching around the waist, mid-section or chest, and the armholes and sleeves will fit in a comfortable way, allowing you to move comfortably and freely.

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