7 Types of Trouser Every Man Should Own

7 Types of Trouser Every Man Should Own

Trousers are often the bottom of the list when it comes to making a fashion statement. Seen as functional and supportive of the more interesting t-shirts, shirts and jumpers, trousers are frequently relegated to the last minute after-thought or even a simple throwing on of whatever happens to be in the wardrobe.

The truth is that trousers really can make or break an outfit, so if you tend to stick to one type, you could be missing out. We’ve compiled a list of the 7 types of trousers you should be wearing regularly to stay looking sharp.

  1. Cargo trousers

These comfortable and practical trousers have developed something of a bad reputation following its trend during the nineties, but the good news is that they’re climbing back up the ranks of essential menswear.

Perfect for casual downtime that’s safe to venture out in, we think a good pair of cargo trousers has earned its place in every man’s collection.

  1. Corduroy trousers

What may have been a faux pas in the past has taken the fashion world by storm over recent years. Yes, corduroy trousers are back on trend although we do have to say they look nicer and feel better this time around.

Perfect for teaming up with your chunky knitwear over winter, these trousers shouldn’t be underestimated as a key piece in any wardrobe.

  1. Dress trousers

While you might not go to many functions with a black tie dress code, owing a good pair of dress trousers is essential for making the right impression when the occasion calls for it. As you need just one pair, it is worth going bespoke and investing in quality.

  1. Jersey joggers

Sometimes you just want to lounge around at home in something comfortable, and that’s just the job for a pair of jersey jogging bottoms. While you might prefer to wear them at the gym or hiding away at home, when teamed up with a statement t-shirt, jersey joggers form a key part of the ‘street’ trend and can be worn just about anywhere.

  1. Slim jeans

Jeans form an important part of any wardrobe collection, but it’s the slim kind you should own at least one pair of.  Slim fit is a flattering cut for all men that provide that sleek silhouette that’s perfect for wearing with a t-shirt roll neck jumper or going double denim with a jacket.

  1. Tracksuit bottoms

When joggers are a little too casual, and you want to emphasise the sporty look, tracksuit bottoms are the trousers to be opting for. With so many iconic sports brands creating their own versions with smart materials or the more traditional nylon variety, tracksuit bottoms should be worn with other sportswear for best effect.

  1. Wide-leg chinos

When comfort and the ability to relax is at the top of your priority list, wide-leg chinos are certainly something you should consider. Perfect for travelling and kicking back at home, these chinos are ideal for those warmer months when worn with other loose-fitting clothes.

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