What kind of shirt does James Bond wear?

What kind of shirt does James Bond wear?

With the recent release of Spectre, all eyes have been on everything James Bond - from the cars to the cocktails, right down to what shirt Bond might wear. Suitable Bond attire is often Black Tie, be the suit black, blue, or as the ivory dinner suit worn by Daniel Craig in Spectre. Goldfinger was the film that Bond first started
Bow Tie
wearing an ivory dinner jacket in, an outfit often referred to as 'warm weather Black Tie'. So, what kind of shirt is worn with a James bond style Black Tie?

In 30 years of James Bond Black Tie attire, across 23 films, it has been reported that the shirts he has worn have consisted of the spread collar (worn 25 times), and the semi-spread collar (worn twice), and the point collar (worn twice). Alongside these collar types, the shirts have featured 24 double french cuffs, 4 cocktail cuffs, and 1 tab cuff. The fronts of the shirts over the Bond films have comprised of; 8 shirts with pleated fronts, 5 shirts with pleated fronts (with tonal stripes), 8 with swiss pleated fronts, 3 with marcella fronts, 2 with ruffled shirt fronts, and 5 plain. 25 of these shirts worn with dinner suits have been white shirts, 3 cream, and 1 pale blue.

For Black Tie, most men would insist it has to be a turn down collar, while a wing collar is used for White Tie. If you are looking for a shirt that James Bond would wear, it largely seems to depend on the style of the era in which he first appeared wearing it.
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