5 Men's Style Tips For 2017

We've all heard the saying; new year, new you. But not everyone wants to commit to a schedule of fitness and fad diets in order to make themselves look and feel better. Some people just want to make more of an effort with themselves and the way they dress, resulting in a new found confidence for the new year ahead. There are certain things that can be done to make you look and feel better, so here we have put together 5 men's style tips for 2017;


Get a Good Haircut

Many men keep the same hairstyle for most of their adult life, however this can be aging depending on the style, and also end up going way out of fashion. A good barber or stylist will know exactly what to do in order to update your look, even with just a small change that might not be entirely noticeable to others. A haircut can change the shape of your face also, which is useful if you need to loose a bit of weight too.


Buy a Made to Measure Shirt

A well fitting made to measure shirt can transform your body shape, streamlining your physique and making you look smarter and more modern in the way you are presented. Areas you deem to be problem areas of fat can not always be worked off through exercise, perhaps due to hormonal problems or medication side effects. A made to measure shirt can streamline bulges on the breast area (ie-hide man boobs) and disguise a fat stomach, both which can not always be sorted out by a new year diet. A bespoke shirt that is hand finished, and made in England, is an excellent men's style tip for 2017.


Polished Your Shoes

Nothing smartens up an outfit, or an image, better than a good pair of shoes, which should always be polished. This can help make a good impression both at work and in social situations, and gives a smart overall image to any outfit. Someone who polishes their shoes comes across as caring about what they do.


Update Your Glasses

Like changing your hairstyle, many men can get stuck in a rut with the style of glasses they choose to wear. Getting a new style of glasses can modernise your image, as well as change the shape of your face, due to some styles suiting you better and making you look slimmer or younger. Glasses are a style accessory as much as a scarf, watch or piece of jewellery, and so care should be taken when choosing the design.


Start a Skincare Regime

There is nothing un-masculine about taking care of your skin. Moisturising the skin to protect it against the elements, be it dry central heating or harsh icy winds, can stop red dry patches and make the face feel more comfortable. Taking care of your skin, even in the most simplest of ways, can make you look younger and make your skin tone more even and smooth.

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