How To Wear A Black Shirt

A good black shirt is a great look for either smart or casual occasions, however many men shy away from wearing a black shirt as they are unsure of how to wear it. A black shirt can give the impression of someone important, a rockstar, someone incredibly stylish, or mysterious and interesting - just think of the Man In Black himself, Johnny Cash, the black shirt was a signature look of his. You don't however have to go for an all black outfit in order to wear a black shirt, here are a few tips on how to wear it;

Black ShirtBlack is a strong and classic colour and although you might think it suits most people, it can drain those with a very pale complexion. Some people can get away with wearing black on black, that is a black shirt with an equally black suit, but those people are rare. A contrast with the shirt is always better, and this is also more flattering to most skin tones. A charcoal grey suit a few shades down from black, or any other mid grey, is a good choice to pair it with. Some people have worn a black shirt with tan tone trousers and pulled this off as a good look too. One rule to stick to though is never wear navy trousers or a navy suit with a black shirt as this will not look good together at all.

W.H. Shirtmakers make a stunning black shirt, all made to measure like the other shirt colours and designs, and in a full range of cuff and collar styles to suit your preferred style. A black shirt is a great new addition to your shirt wardrobe, and is something that looks both smart and modern.

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