Shirt Collar types

When having a bespoke shirt made at W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers, you are able to choose from various shirt collar styles. Choose from a classic collar Button Understyle, a cutaway, a button collar, under-button collar, a spread collar or straight.  See Here >>

The classic shirt collar style is one of the most common and versatile of shirt collar styles, and the length of it has shortened over the decades considerably. The longer the collar on a classic collar then the more 1970's it is likely to look in style.

The cutaway is the widest of the spread type collars, having a very wide 'cutaway' gap at the front, and is perfect for wearing wide knot ties with. The button down collar looks good with a tie, or worn open collar without a tie. It is a good look for casual or for regular business and goes well with a blazer worn over the top. On an under-button collar, the collar is designed to stand up and look smart, with button underneath to support this.

A spreaCutawayd collar has a wider space at the front, and this works well with larger tie knots, but it also is worn with usual types of ties and knots where the collar band shows from beneath. The spread collar is a popular choice when worn with a Windsor Knot. There are a number of variations on the spread collar, but the general rule of style is the same.

The straight collar is a perfect collar for smaller to wider knots and looks good when worn with a skinny tie. This type of collar is a neutral type of shirt collar and doesn't have any restrictions about when and where it should be worn.

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