Are Ties Still Relevant Business Attire?

Are Ties Still Relevant Business Attire?

Recent media coverage broadcast a remark made by Prime Minister David Cameron to the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, about how he should put on a proper suit and do up his tie. So, this made us beg the question, just how essential is a tie in modern business wear?

A necktie has long been associated with the dress code of a professional, a business man, or a similarly formally dressed person. In most circles it is still not tolerated that someone in a position of authority would have a sloppy suit and an undone tie. However, certain massive business empires (such as Google, Apple, and Ikea) all but insist that their staff do not wear a shirt and tie to work, instead opting for casual wear in the workplace. In many situations, the young Royals can be seen with an open collar and no necktie, and doctors nowadays don't wear ties, albeit for hygiene reasons.

Most people's attitudes are not as forward thinking as the aforementioned cutting edge businesses, and it is a fact that you will only be taken seriously in the workplace in you wear a shirt and tie. Historically the tie was used as a symbol or loyalty or belonging, be it gentlemans clubs, army regiments, or even public schools.

While Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and creator of Facebook, famously wears casual wear, and Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, shunned the shirt and tie for a dark turtle neck top - in 99% of formal occasions or business environments the shirt and tie is a uniform to show that you take the job seriously, you are together in yourself, and you mean business. In a nutshell, yes, wearing a collar and tie is still relevant business attire.
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