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Men's Shirt Styles Spring Summer 2017

A wardrobe staple, men's shirts are always in fashion, however not every style is. The new range of shirts for Spring and Summer 2017 are now beginning to emerge on the high street, and there are some common themes. Here we'll discuss men's shirt styles for Spring Summer 2017.
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Buy Shirts That Will Last

We believe you should buy shirts that will last. With the modern trend for cheap and fast fashion, it is little wonder that most shirts purchased on the high street today fall apart before a year is out. Unable to withstand frequent washing without buttons falling off, cuffs coming loose or hems fraying, many people find themselves frustrated that the shirts they buy need replacing on such a regular basis.
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5 Men's Style Tips For 2017

We've all heard the saying; new year, new you. But not everyone wants to commit to a schedule of fitness and fad diets in order to make themselves look and feel better. Some people just want to make more of an effort with themselves and the way they dress, resulting in a new found confidence for the new year ahead. There are certain things that can be done to make you look and feel better, so here we have put together 5 men's style tips for 2017;
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Lost for a last minute gift? Cufflinks are the answer

Christmas is fast approaching, and there’s not much time left to buy gifts for the men in your life. So if the shops are far too busy for your liking, and there’s just too much choice on the Internet, then cufflinks are the way to go. Stylish, affordable and available in loads of varieties, even the man who has everything can’t have enough cufflinks in his collection.
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About Us

WH Taylor Shirtmakers.  

W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers (current trading name of Coles Distribution Limited) a British company with a legacy of developing a business for luxury and quality handmade shirts.

W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers ethics is to provide finest handmade shirts to the highest standards in the true traditional sense, which has been lost by many purported shirt makers over the years to cope with the mass markets and profiteering requiring mass production facilities to drive down costs. Each of our shirts are individually made by hand from scratch and hence there is reasonable assumption that a vast majority of the shirts we sell become arguably unique. This has many benefits to you as the customer as it gives you the widest variety of shirt styles available and a high quality semi-bespoke shirt which will be unique to you at a reasonable price, which is why we chose to uphold these qualities.