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5 Workwear Essentials For Men

Unless you are required to wear a uniform to work, or protective or practical clothing of some kind, then the chances are your attire will be the same as what most other people wear to work, also known as work wear, business attire, or office clothing. Here were are going to tell you about 5 workwear essentials for men;
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Soft Brushed Cotton Shirts for Autumn

As Autumn fast approaches, many of us relish the opportunity to get dressed in a cosy and warm attire. Feeling the soft fabrics from cotton and knitwear against our skin is one of life's simple pleasures when the air turns cool and the nights draw in. Warmer clothing need not sacrifice style however, as we can demonstrate with our bespoke shirt collection in thicker fabrics.
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What Should Men Wear To a Summer Wedding

Summer is wedding season, and despite the weather reaching record temperatures, a suit and shirt is still the appropriate attire for men. Many men might choose to wear their regular shirt and suit, not realising that there are other options within this dress code. As a guest, many people wonder - what should men wear to a summer wedding?
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Best Shirt Collar for Formal Occasions.

When it comes to formal wear, or more specifically Black Tie, then there are certain shirt
and collar styles which suit the dress code better than others. As shirtmakers, we are often asked what the best shirt collar is for formal occasions, and we have a couple on our website when ordering your handmade formal shirt to choose from. The Cutaway Collar or the Classic Collar, on Marcella shirts, is the standard choices for formal wear shirt collars here.
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About Us

WH Taylor Shirtmakers.  

W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers (current trading name of Coles Distribution Limited) a British company with a legacy of developing a business for luxury and quality handmade shirts.

W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers ethics is to provide finest handmade shirts to the highest standards in the true traditional sense, which has been lost by many purported shirt makers over the years to cope with the mass markets and profiteering requiring mass production facilities to drive down costs. Each of our shirts are individually made by hand from scratch and hence there is reasonable assumption that a vast majority of the shirts we sell become arguably unique. This has many benefits to you as the customer as it gives you the widest variety of shirt styles available and a high quality semi-bespoke shirt which will be unique to you at a reasonable price, which is why we chose to uphold these qualities.