Customer Feedback

Sample Customer Comments.

"Thank you.  The shirt is excellent " Ref 1560

"just a quick note to say that the revised shirts fit very nicely.  Thank you again for taking the time to re-work the shirts and for your great customer service.  Much appreciated! " Ref 1865 

"Quick note to let you know that the shirts arrived. They are superb. Thank you very much. I shall be ordering more now." Ref 1883

"Many thanks. I have received my shirt and am delighted with the quality and fit." Ref 1847

 "Wanted to let  you know that both shirts arrived safely on Friday afternoon and they're both beautiful.  Thank you to both you and your staff." Ref 1693

"Thank you for the fabulous shirts that arrived yesterday. Wish I was half the walking advert that your product deserves!" Tweet

"I got my yellow shirt and it is fantastic. " Ref 1579

"I received all shirts and boxer shorts today. They are of good quality and I am most pleased." Ref 1605

"My shirt arrived today, so we'll done for getting it to me in good time for my daughter's wedding. First impressions are very good, especially the soft, lightweight coupled with the herringbone finish. It's so good to have a shirt that is so well made with a collar that fits as it should and sleeves of a correct length."Ref 1498

"The stitching of the shirts is still beautiful and the fit excellent. I really don't want to have to search for another shirtmaker for I fear finding the fit, quality and value you have always offered will be very difficult." Ref 1422

"The shirt arrived and it is beautiful" Ref 1441

"I would like to point out that the quality and finish of the shirt is wonderful" Ref 1426

"Looking forward to your products. I may add, by the way, that I have received numerous positive compliments on the shirts that I already have purchased and wear frequently. " Ref 1321

"The shirts you send are, price in mind, very good. Nice detailing and nice fabric.
Very close to H&K's sea islands that go for 140L" Ref 1059

"The shirts have arrived in the meantime. They are very good. " Ref 7140

"..the shirts are great and worth waiting for the 140's materials." Ref 7850

"..non-fused collars on Coles / WH Taylor shirts are the most comfortable I've ever worn .." Ask Andy Forums. Thread"Excellent shirt, good fit, excellent value" Ref 6891

 "Got the shirt. It’s beautiful and fits perfectly! "

"Thanks for your help, your shirts are simply beautiful,.." Ref 4532

"..some of the finest shirts on the market this side of £150. The collars are beautifully shaped and wonderfully soft and far better than I've ever been able achieve with any of the bespoke shirtmakers I have tried." Ref 4737

"Thanks again! Not only are you excellent in feedback, you can be proud that you sell beautiful shirts, too! "

"It fits wonderfully, and looks beautiful. I can't wait to wear it to my next semi-formal event. The collar, especially, really makes the shirt look good. Why does the collar look so much better than other shirts in the same price range, such as .." Ref 5239