Summer shoes and how to wear them

Summer shoes and how to wear them

Lighter shoes are essential during summer, no wants that sweaty sock feeling (yuck!). The good news is that most summer shoes can be worn year-round so buying the right pair of shoes now doesn’t mean they have to stay at the bottom of your wardrobe for the rest of the year.

What do we actually mean by summer shoes anyway?

Well, they’re lighter for one thing and tend to have more ventilation (though we’re not talking quite as drastic as the multi-holed crocs). They’re the shoes that don’t make your feet sweat, feel light, comfortable and work well with your summer fashion.

There are a few different types of summer shoe – so let’s crack on with what you really need to know

Boat shoes are just what they sound like – designed to be worn on boats.

Invented in 1935 to prevent sailors slipping on wet decks, boat shoes are great if you want a change from conventional canvas shoes and trainers. With a rubber sole they’re perfect for wearing outdoors although they do need to be broken in by soaking them in a little water and wearing until they’re dry.

Boat shoes are best worn with – an oxford shirt and casual chinos, although tailored shorts and a light jacket works well too.


Brogues are the most formal we get with our list of summer shoes. They’re great for smart summer events when dressing up is important, but you might be surprised to hear that they were originally intended to be worn for walking around the Irish and Scottish countryside. A very popular shoe with low heels, toe and heel caps we think every man should own at least one pair of brogues.

Brogues are best worn with – a lighter coloured summer suit or a smart blazer with slacks. Suede is the best option for surviving the office in the summer heat.


Canvas shoes are the summer shoe of choice. And let’s face it, who doesn’t own a pair of trainers, Converse or Vans? Light, breathable and versatile we love the wide range of canvas shoes available for every budget.

Canvas shoes are best worn with – socks. Seriously, unless you want to be hobbling around with blisters all summer. Aside from that, we think they work well with denim jeans and shorts, adding a statement t-shirt and light jacket for that casual look.


Sandals are what we tend to think of when we say ‘summer shoes’ but often thought of as the choice of cyclists. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but there’s so much more that you can do with a pair of sandals. And let’s face it, they’ve been with us since Roman times so there must be something great about them, right?

Sandals are best worn with – swimming trunks and shorts. Sandals are perfect for lounging around the pool and walking around your sunny resort, try some gladiator style sandals if you intend on doing a lot of walking for extra support and stability.

There you have it, the best summer shoes and our suggestions for how to wear them. If you think we’ve missed anything add a comment below!

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