How to wear a blazer this summer

How to wear a blazer this summer

A lightweight blazer is an excellent choice for wearing this summer. With a breathable fabric and a delightful summery shade, blazers are versatile enough to be dressed up when needed and get away with a smart casual night in the bar.

What is a blazer?

So, the last time you heard mention of a blazer was probably at school, right?

Traditionally, blazers were worn by members of rowing teams and cricket clubs and really became popular during the 1920s, but their history goes further back than that. It was the Lady Margaret Boat Club team from Cambridge University who created the blazer in 1825 as they wanted a sporty top they could row in that was befitting for their class and social status.

Developed from naval uniform jackets into something that was tailored but not as structured as a suit jacket, the team wore them in a bright shade, and that’s how it came to be known as a blazer.

Blazers were specifically designed to be worn as a separate with unmatched trousers, meaning that members could wear their team or club colours with anything in their wardrobe.

How should I choose the right blazer for me?

As blazers are tailored items, that means the fit and cut is important if you’re going to be able to wear it well. There needs to be enough room for movement but be a close fit. You don’t want it looking so loose that it looks more casual than smart. For a summer blazer, you want to opt for a cotton or linen fabric without lining to keep you cool.

In terms of colour, you need to consider what you’ll be wearing the blazer for. When worn for more formal occasions traditional colours like blue and grey are the conventional choice, but tailors are making them available in so many different shades and colours now that really, you’re only limited by what you’ll be wearing your blazer with.

If you’re feeling a dash daring, then you can opt for a patterned blazer instead. Available in stripes or check these are a great way of expressing your personality with some colour. We think the tartan blazers work particularly well.

So, what can I wear a blazer with?

Anything you want to! Shorts, jeans and chinos all work well with blazers for a summery look. We’d advise against anything too tailored and formal like suit trousers, but they were developed to be worn with unmatched trousers, so stretch your imagination a little!

What you shouldn’t do with a blazer is wear it as a coat. A lot of people think it should be worn as an outer layer, but that’s not the case. The weight of the fabric and fit of the blazer doesn’t lend itself to this purpose, so keep it as a simple layer over a dress shirt or t-shirt for best effect.

There you have it, the summer blazer and how to wear it. Have you got any style tips for wearing a blazer this summer? Drop them as a comment below.

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